Whether you’re consolidating high interest debt or finally getting around to that home improvement, we have a loan to fit your needs. Since 1998 we’ve helped thousands of clients save millions of dollars on their mortgages. So if you are tired of paying too much for your debt, call today!


”I was having trouble making some of the payments on our credit cards and student loans. Refinancing saved us over a thousand dollars per month! Thanks Fox Lending for all your help!    Carter Teel 


We have a network of banks and lenders specializing in Home equity loans, with credit scores to 620. Take advantage of the equity currently available in your home and restructure your high interest debt. Our clients save hundreds or thousands monthly!   Approval in minutes,  close in 21days.

Why hundreds or thousands monthly on high interest revolving debt when you can simply convert the existing equity in your home and realize incredible monthly savings.

Example   $30,000 in credit card at today’s interests rates yields a monthly payment of approx. $1128.00

$30,000 rolled in to your mortgage at today’s interest rates will only raise your payment approx.  $148.00   that’s a $980.00 per month savings!

That’s nearly $12000 a year you could use greatly reduce your mortgage term or just enjoy the financial freedom.  Call Fox Lending today before your next credit card payments are due.

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